Packers’ Christian Watson Could Have Fixed Hamstring Woes

Christian Watson, Packers
Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Christian Watson has all the tools to become a No. 1 receiver. There aren’t many players with his combination of size and athleticism, but one thing has held him back in his career; injuries.

Christian Watson has dealt with several hamstring issues as a pro. Every time he looks like he is set to break out with monster performances, an injury sets him back. In 2023, the start of his season was delayed by a hamstring injury, as he missed the first three weeks.

He played in the next nine games before injuring his hamstring again. That cost him the final five games of the regular season. He returned for the playoffs but wasn’t nearly as productive as he had been earlier in the campaign.

Figuring out a way to keep Christian Watson healthy and in the lineup is near the top of the Packers’ priority list in 2024. This offseason, he may have finally found the root cause for all of his issues.

After the season ended, he took a trip to Badger Athletic Performance in Madison, Wisconsin. There, it was revealed that Christian Watson does not carry his strength in his lower body symmetrically. With his right leg weaker than his left, it was putting a lot of strain on his leg.

“One, it puts strain on the left side,” Watson said. “The left is going through a lot more. Then, I mean, two, when you’re trying to be equal in power, it obviously puts a lot more stress on the one that’s not as strong.”

According to Watson, his left leg was 20 percent stronger than his right leg when he reported to the Packers’ offseason program. That is something he has been working tirelessly to fix, as the results are already showing.

The North Dakota State product has already knocked the asymmetrical percentage down to 12 from 20. A perfect symmetry is zero, which is unlikely to be reached. But, Watson has set a goal to get down to about six percent by the time the regular season rolls around.

“That’s my favorite part of the week,” Watson said, “is going in there and getting to see knocking off 4, 5, 6% on that asymmetry every week.”

Hopefully, this is something that can help keep Christian Watson on the field. The Packers are a better team when he is out there, providing a boost to their offense no one else on their roster can.

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