Green Bay Packers Fans Predict Josh Myers Will Lose Starting Job

Josh Myers, Green Bay Packers
Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY NETWORK

One positional group that people will be keeping a close eye on with the Green Bay Packers is the offensive line. This offseason, there were several changes made in the trenches, which will lead to the lineup being adjusted. Could Josh Myers lose his job as the starting center?

Long-time left tackle David Bakhtiari was released after playing only one game last season because of a knee injury. Right guard Jon Runyan Jr. also isn’t returning, as he signed a free agent deal with the New York Giants.

That is at least one starting spot open, as Rasheed Walker will compete once again at left tackle. However, fans aren’t so sure that Walker will be retaining that start job. Over at Acme Packing Co. of SB Nation, a poll was set up asking which returning Green Bay Packers starter could lose their job in 2024.

Walker came in at No. 3 on the list, receiving 18 percent of the vote. Coming in at No. 1 was another offensive lineman; center Josh Myers. He received 35 percent of the vote, as fans don’t believe he will be in the lineup once Week 1 rolls around.

It will certainly be a storyline to keep an eye on. Myers is one of the few offensive linemen on the Green Bay Packers roster who won’t be cross-trained at multiple positions this offseason. That certainly doesn’t bode well for him, as several players have been cross-training at center.

Left guard Elgton Jenkins has taken some snaps in the middle. Last season’s right tackle, Zach Tom, has been mentioned as a candidate to move inside as well. There are some evaluators who believe that the Pro Bowler has Hall of Fame potential should he move to the pivot.

Myers has not played very well in recent seasons, putting his starting job in jeopardy. Like everyone else outside of Jenkins and Tom, he will have to compete for his spot in the starting lineup. Those are the only two players who likely have starting jobs locked down, but where they will align is not yet known.

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