Green Bay Packers MarShawn Lloyd An NFC Rookie Sleeper

MarShawn Lloyd, Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers overhauled the running back position this offseason. Long-time starter Aaron Jones was moved on from, and replaced by veteran Josh Jacobs, formerly of the Las Vegas Raiders. Another addition the team made was draft MarShawn Lloyd.

A third-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, No. 88 overall out of USC, MarShawn Lloyd is someone the coaching staff is excited to work with. An explosive athlete, they believe that he can have an immediate impact in the passing game as a rookie.

In his final season with USC, MarShawn Lloyd averaged an eye-popping 17.8 yards per reception. His opportunities were limited with only 13 catches, but that shows just how dangerous he can be with the ball in his hands.

As shared by Chris Trapasso of CBS Sports, a big reason that Lloyd had such a high yards per reception average was because of how difficult he is to tackle. On 115 carries, he registered a 40.8 forced tackle rate.

That elusiveness, combined with his athleticism, will make it hard for Matt LaFleur and the Green Bay Packers coaching staff to keep him off the field. Trapasso believes that he can be one of the immediate impact rookies who weren’t selected in the first round in 2024.

“You don’t see many backs like Lloyd. He’s an anomaly. Under 5-foot-9 but 220 pounds with under 4.50 speed (he ran 4.46 at the combine). He’s ultra-compact and fast, which naturally provides the ability for the South Carolina turned USC ball carrier to either bounce off tackles with ease or simply run past them in space. 

And that forced missed tackle rate is astronomically high, albeit on a relatively low amount of carries. But even if that rate would’ve dipped had Lloyd gotten the ball more in Caleb Williams‘ offense last season, I’m enamored by how little mileage is on his tires. Only 291 collegiate carries. Yes, the Packers made a decision to swap out Aaron Jones for Josh Jacobs this offseason, but you better believe Lloyd will get touches in Year 1. And he’ll make the most of them,” Trapasso wrote.

Competition will be fierce when it comes to touches in the Green Bay Packers backfield. LaFleur has hinted that Jacobs will be the unquestioned lead back, and the team re-signed AJ Dillon in free agency.

Marshawn Lloyd has the chance to carve out a role, but he will have to earn it. His explosiveness is more than enough reason to give him a chance, as it would add a dimension to the team that the Green Bay Packers are currently lacking. Jordan Love is going to be excited to work with another game-breaker in the passing game.

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