Packers Odds Of Acquiring Jonathan Taylor Increase With Latest Update

Jonathan Taylor, Packers
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Many people were surprised when the Green Bay Packers were the mystery team in the Jonathan Taylor sweepstakes. With Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon already on the roster, it was fair to question why Green Bay would have any interest in the Indianapolis Colts’ star running back.

When taking a deeper dive, it was easy to see where the Packers were coming from. Jones restructured his contract this offseason, taking a pay cut to remain with the team. With a cap hit north of $17 million in 2024, this could very well be Jones’s last season in Green Bay.

The future of Dillon is also up in the air. He is playing out the final season on his rookie deal and it is anyone’s guess if the Packers want him back. He hasn’t proven capable of handling a lead-back role, so Green Bay would look elsewhere.

That elsewhere could be Taylor. While there are reports that the Packers are no longer interested in trading for him, if they do want to make a deal, the likelihood of one getting completed has gone up.

According to ESPN’s Stephen Holder, the Colts have softened their stance on the asking price for Taylor. They would reportedly be willing to settle for a little less than a first-round pick, which they were originally seeking.

“If Taylor is moved, here’s what matters: The Colts want real value from any potential trade. It’s why no deal got done in August. They asked for a package of picks amounting to a first-round pick, but the reality is they’d settle for something a bit less. They seem determined to not just give him away and will play hardball, if necessary. Another complicating factor: A team that trades for Taylor will have to weigh whether to sign him to a new deal.”

The last part Holder mentions wouldn’t be an issue for the Packers. Reports indicated that they would be willing to pay Taylor a top-of-the-market deal should they acquire him in a trade.

Those trade talks stalled out because the Colts asked for wide receiver Christian Watson in return for him. Green Bay isn’t going to include one of their key young pieces for Taylor on top of paying him a large contract.

Trade demands like that give the impression that Indianapolis wasn’t serious about making a deal. But, the recent report from Holder makes it seem like the Colts are ready to make a deal. If the Packers want to get back in on negotiations, they do have additional capital in the 2024 NFL Draft coming their way from the New York Jets.