Packers: Using Aaron Rodgers to Project Jordan Love’s Sophomore Season

Jordan Love, Aaron Rodgers, Packers

With Jordan Love getting ready for his second season as the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, what can we expect from Love after having a comparable first season to Aaron Rodgers?

Jordan Love likely exceeded the expectations of most in his first season as the starting quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. When the Packers selected Love in the first round a few years back, it seemed inevitable that he would be the heir to Aaron Rodgers similar to what the Packers did nearly 20 years before.

Love finished his first season as a starter totaling 4,159 passing yards, 32 touchdown passes, and 11 interceptions. When looking back at Love compared to Rodgers in their first season, their statistics were very similar with a slight edge to Love. Now, as we try to project what Love might do in his second season as the starter, we can start by looking at what Rodgers was able to accomplish.

In 2009, Rodgers totaled 4,434 passing yards, 30 touchdown passes, and just seven interceptions. It was a really strong season for Rodgers, as he saw increases in both passing yards and touchdown passes while seeing a drop in interceptions.

Seeing the improvements from Rodgers in his second season should cause a lot of optimism to what Love can accomplish considering he was better than Rodgers in passing yards, touchdowns, and interceptions. If Love can take a similar step forward as Rodgers did in his second season, we could be looking at a season in which Love totals over 4,500 passing yards, upper 30s in touchdown passes, and single digits in interceptions.

If Love can come close to those numbers, the Packers are going to win a lot of games in 2024, and Jordan Love is going to be an MVP front-runner. Time will tell if Love can take a similar step up as Aaron Rodgers did in his second season, but with the success we saw in 2023, the future looks very bright.

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