Green Bay Packers Coach Gets Honest About Jordan Morgan

Adam Stenavich, Green Bay Packers
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers added a very talented player to their offensive line group when they selected Jordan Morgan out of Arizona with their first-round pick. Morgan played tackle for the Wildcats, but some evaluators believe that he will have to move inside to find success in the NFL.

That isn’t something Jordan Morgan necessarily agrees with. If he had his choice, he would prefer to stay at tackle instead of moving to guard. He isn’t paying any mind to the critics, as he is going to go out there and work regardless of where the coaching staff asks him to play.

For now, he is starting at left tackle, competing with Rasheed Walker. In 2023, Walker did an admirable job filling in for veteran David Bakhtiari, who played in Week 1 and then didn’t get back on the field for the rest of the season.

Knowing that Jordan Morgan can play other positions along the offensive line is one of the reasons the Green Bay Packers liked him so much as a prospect. Offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich recently spoke glowingly about the team’s first-round pick.

“He’s got good movement skills. He’s a natural on the edge. He looks comfortable out there. There’s obviously some technique stuff we’ve got to clean up, just like anybody, but yeah, I’m excited to work with him and just watch him and see. I wouldn’t say he’s a tackle, I wouldn’t say he’s a guard, I just want to see where he fits best for us and with our best five out there. So that may be at tackle. It might not be. But I’m excited to work with him and you can see his athleticism when he’s out there. He’s a pretty talented guy.” (H/T Packers Wire)

Stenavich is taking the correct approach with the team’s first-round pick. He doesn’t want to make a definitive statement that could come back to bite him later but still found ways to praise the team’s newest addition.

Jordan Morgan is going to be in the lineup for the Green Bay Packers, it is just a matter of where in the lineup. Having the ability to play multiple spots only improves his chances of being a starter. As Stenavich noted, he could handle four out of the five spots.

It will be interesting to see how the competition shakes out. There is a spot up for grabs at right guard with Jon Runyan Jr. departing in free agency and reports indicate the Packers don’t have Josh Myers locked in as the starting center, either.

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