Analyst Shares Underwhelming Prediction for Packers Josh Jacobs

Josh Jacobs, Packers
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Despite being a big offseason signing for the Green Bay Packers, could Josh Jacobs have an underwhelming season?

This offseason, the Green Bay Packers made some major changes in their backfield. Despite a successful few seasons with Green Bay, the Packers decided to part ways with running back Aaron Jones.

Jones only played in 11 games last season and at nearly 30 years old, his best days might be behind him. When running backs hit that 30-year mark, they are generally on the downhill, and the Packers decided to move on.

The Green Bay Packers decided to sign Josh Jacobs this offseason to replace Jones, and he has the potential to be an impact player for the team. However, Bleacher Report recently predicted that Jacobs won’t be able to surpass Jones’ stats. Here’s what they had to say.

The more realistic expectation is for Jacobs to hit something close to Jones’ five-year average stat line. There’s too much talent in the backfield and in the passing game for Jacobs to get back to his biggest career numbers.

In Oakland and Las Vegas, Jacobs has been able to have some excellent numbers, but last year was certainly a down year for the Alabama product. In 2023, Jacobs totaled 805 rushing yards, six rushing touchdowns, and a disappointing 3.5 yards per carry average.

The poor season for Jacobs should be a little concerning for the Packers, but he was on a bad team in 2023 that struggled with run blocking consistently. While a down season does cause some concern, the Packers also have a lot of talent on offense that might result in Jacobs not being asked to run for a career-high.

For Jacobs, he finds himself in a great situation on a winning team with a strong offense. With a talented young quarterback in Jordan Love, the Green Bay Packers will likely be throwing the ball quite a bit in 2024 and for years to come.

While Josh Jacobs might not surpass the production of Jones, that could be alright as long as he isn’t being asked to.

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